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#993 - twilight mix: i kissed your lips with the safety off

Another mix!

Yes, it's another Twilight mix. I can't help it, I think I've lost my mind :[ This one is an Edwardmix!

i kissed your lips with the safety off

Off to War!
1. "We Don't Want the Bacon" Peerless Quartet // download
We don't want the bacon, we don't want the bacon,
What we want is a piece of the Rhine.
We'll feed "Bill the Kaiser" with our Allied appetizer.
We'll have a wonderful time.

Everything Changes
2. "We'll Never Sleep (God Knows We'll Try)" - Rilo Kiley // download
Stealing away into the night won't get you any higher
We'll never sleep, God knows we'll try
the hospital is closed
And how long will it last before we go insane?

3. "The Bells" - Pedro the Lion // download
Hunger drives me, it's got me by the reigns
I let it wreck me time and time again
I decided to never ride again
I don't know what happened

Alone (Is Not Lonely Is Not Alone)
4. "I Taught Myself How to Grow Old" Ryan Adams // download
Poor little rose, beaten by the rain
In the wind, in the gale, thunder and the hail
Sometimes I feel like I'm going insane
Without the numbness or the pain so intense to feel
'Specially now it added up through the years

Forks, Washington
5. "New Slang" - The Shins // download
Gold teeth and a curse for this town were all in my mouth.
Only, i don't know how they got out, dear.
Turn me back into the pet that i was when we met.
I was happier then with no mind-set.

Biology Class
6. "You're In the Air" - R.E.M. // download
I landed on my feet crawling
I remember standing alone trying to forget you idling
I hate to admit that that's my reference point
But there it is

7. "Autoclave" - The Mountain Goats // download
You ought to head for the exits the sooner the better
I am this great unstable mass of blood and foam
And no one in her right mind would make my home her home
My heart's an autoclave, my heart's an autoclave

8. "Whetstones" - Deb Talan // download
Something about your eyes
Something that might melt the winter in my heart, like a tongue touching snow

Because the way you move is dancing, while your mouth says funny things
I'm staring at your neck, thinking, thinking
Could i rest my faith in there?
stay a while...

"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb..."
9. "Real Love" - Regina Spektor (Live at Bonnaroo 2007) // download
All my little plans and schemes
Lost like some forgotten dream
Seems like all I really was doing
Was waiting for you

Bella's Lullaby
10. "The Swell Season" - The Frames // download

Good For Me
11. "Just What I Needed" - Diskothi-Q // download
I don't mind you hangin' out
And talkin' in your sleep
It doesn't matter where you've been
As long as it was deep, yeah

Danger Looms
12. "Serpentine" - Chris Bathgate // download
One brash phrase could crush this fragile daze
Our thoughts swirl in some shrill sad cannonade
And one such spur that caused my throat to creak
The one dull dawn that I've sent sends to repeat

I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
13. "Counting Song for Bitter Children" - The Mountain Goats // download
One, two, I don't love you.
Three, four, anymore.
One, three, stay away from me
Five, seven, good children get nothing.
One, two, two-and-a-half, stick around here, don't make me laugh.
Two-and-a-half, three, four-point-five, the new day's dawning and my hour's arrived.
One, two, I got things to do.
One, three, I got people to see. I got people that want to see me.

I Succeeded In Breaking Mine
14. "World Spins Madly On" - The Weepies // download
Woke up and wished that I was dead
With an aching in my head
I lay motionless in bed
The night is here and the day is gone
And the world spins madly on

Comets and Meteors
15. "Satellite" - Guster // download
Shining like a work of art hanging on a wall of stars
Are you what I think you are?
You're my satellite, you're riding with me tonight
Passenger side, lighting the sky, always the first star that I find

Running Home to You (Sort of)
16. "Desperation Made a Fool of Me" - Belle & Sebastian // download
Now that I've got my motives straight and I am thinking clearly
I'll sneak up to your window with my senses open wide

Left You Broken
17. "High and Dry" - Jamie Cullum // download
Two jumps in a week
I bet you think that's pretty clever don't you boy?
Flying on your motorcycle,
Watching all the ground beneath you drop
Don't leave me high, don't leave me dry

Return to the Meadow
18. "Strawflower's Waltz" - Chris Bathgate // download
In the balmy breath
In the backwoods of Magnolia
Me and my love we lay
Me and my love we linger

And this room's been kept for 3 days
And the scent that blazed across my face
As she had cracked the window
Strawflower girl

Mr. and Mrs. Edward and Isabella Cullen
19. "The Luckiest" - Ben Folds (Live) // download
I love you more than I have ever found a way to say to you

Next door there's an old man who lived to his nineties
And one day passed away in his sleep
And his wife; she stayed for a couple of days
And passed away

I'm sorry, I know that's a strange way to tell you that I know we belong
That I know that I am, I am, I am
The luckiest

Together (Is Not Lonely Nor Is It Alone)
20. "Going to Bridlington" - The Mountain Goats // download
And I saw you pull your hair back.
Saw you messing with your earrings.
Saw you trying to smile.
Hey! You don't have to smile for me.
The moon was rising over bridlington,
And you had blood all over your hands.

(i wanted to include this song, but i already had two bathgate songs on the mix and three is seriously pushing it. so this is the song i got the title/lj-cut from)
a flash of light followed by chris bathgate
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